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NovaStoma is an innovative and mission-focused health-tech company. Our organization is dedicated to working for the advancement of the world, while maintaining a profound passion for health and building a strong and happy company. NovaStoma creates contemporary products from current outdated medical devices to better serve patients and healthcare professionals.


Once NovaStoma is implemented in the market, our disruptive health technology will help improve the lives of patients globally. Our goal is to serve those who are unable to serve themselves and truly make a strong and lasting impact on the world that outlives its founders.


Sal Caroniti, RN, BSN


Phone: 440-821-4981

Sal Caroniti is a Registered Nurse with experience in emergency medicine, intensive care, digestive disease, interventional radiology, and surgery. He has a passion for health, wellness, and helping others and has worked alongside some of the world’s best practitioners in various capacities at some of the most renown healthcare institutions. He has helped implement numerous healthcare practices and technologies on an individual basis and always keeps the patient and their well-being at the forefront of healthcare. At NovaStoma, he is responsible for developing high quality business strategies and plans, ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives.

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