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Product Features & Benefits


Our product is a new, smart, wearable device that monitors stoma output. This small medical device clips onto the patient’s ostomy bag and sends alerts to a smartphone app to inform the user and/or their care team about the output level of their ostomy bag.


Our goal is to modernize the way patients track, share, and monitor their ostomy care in order to increase accuracy and improve health outcomes.


This small device improves the accuracy of health information, fosters healthier behavior in individuals, and significantly improves their health conditions, which in turn reduces healthcare cost.


  • Sync valuable data to smartphone, websites, and apps

  • Give “real time” “updates” on treatment

  • Aid in providing a complete timeline picture



  • The smart clip is easily attached to the bottom of the ostomy bag to replace a normal clip. 

  • The app/website displays live data coming over a Bluetooth LE / Wi-Fi connection from a cloud-based IoT data-intelligence platform. 

  • The app generates the real-time medical IoT data that it gets over Wi-Fi from an RF bridge between Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) and Wi- Fi. 

  • The RF bridge gets the pressure, temperature, and weight data from a small semiconductor and/or FSR (Force Sensor Resistor) over a Bluetooth LE connection. 

  • The sensor will light up to indicate to the user: Green if low (no need to empty the bag), yellow if medium (Need to change), red if high (very full and at risk over overflow/bursting). 

  • It will notify the smart phone app and track the location just in case it is lost. 

  • It is also waterproof


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